Congratulations to our Spring Quarterly 2011 Meteorite Winners!
These Uruaçu Iron Meteorites were generously donated by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

Congratulations to our Spring Quarterly 2011 Meteorite Winners!

Astronomical Society of Rowan County from North Carolina
City Lights Astronomical Society for Students of Texas
Morris Museum Astronomical Society of New Jersey
River Bend Astronomy Club of Illinois
Tri-State Astronomers of Maryland

Night Sky Network clubs are randomly chosen as a direct result of populating the new NSN calendar and having logged at least two events in the past calendar quarter using NSN activities and resources.

Uruaçu meteorites: Uruaçu Iron. Coarse Octahedrite (IAB-MG) Goiás, Brazil The first Uruaçu meteorite was found in 1992 on the property of Mr. Wilson Rezende by a cattleman. Other meteorites have been recovered on Mr. Rezende's property. Gold miners have also recovered Uruaçu meteorites in the area. The rare iron Uruaçu meteorites are schreibersite and cohenite-rich IAB that are extremely stable, and has beautiful etch patterns full of Neumann lines.

The next telecon in our bimonthly series of 2011 will be Thursday, May 19th at 6:00 PM Pacific (9:00 PM Eastern) for Dr. Jeffrey Van Cleve's presentation on: Stargazers, Starfarers, and Kepler.