Get Your Free <i>Sorting the Solar System Cards</i>!<p>
Titan, Saturn's moon is included in the Sorting the Solar System activity
photo: NASA

Sorting the Solar System is a fun activity played with cards that helps us make sense of our solar system. The activity is appropriate for almost all ages, and for people with little or no experience in astronomy to those who have more advanced knowledge. You can use the activity to sort the solar system into categories according to their common qualities, or you could use the cards to just get a basic idea of the objects - where the objects are located, what they look like, what they're made of, and what size they are compared to things on earth or other objects in the solar system. For example, there's a card with a picture of Gaspra compared to Manhattan, which gives people a tangible idea of the size of the object. A great conversation starter is the Barringer crater card compared to a stadium because most people are surprised to find out how big the crater is and that it is located in Arizona. If you are using the cards in a classroom or as a presenter, the activity video shows you how to go about teaching using the cards.

Print the free Sorting the Solar System cards out and have a blast! We'd love to hear about how you use the activity and the cards, so drop us a line.

Oh, and did you miss Astronomy Day or was it too overcast to see the night sky? No worries, clubs have plenty of star parties and events coming up. And, if you're an educator, find an astronomy club in your area and find out if the club will demonstrate the Sorting the Solar System Activity for your students.

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