Aliens Coming Your Way: Life in the Universe ToolKit
Life In the Universe ToolKit contents

Get ready to explore the possibility of life beyond Earth with the newest ToolKit,
shipping to qualifying clubs in July!

The new 'Life in the Universe' ToolKit focuses on the study of Astrobiology.
Using activities, demonstrations, and presentations,
it covers topics such as what makes an environment habitable
and the possibilities of life within our own Solar System, and beyond.

Hear what some of our testers are saying:

"It is a VERY useful kit. When we do presentation we always get questions about the potential for life in the universe.
This gives us some good tools to answer those questions."
- Bob Berta of the Warren Astronomical Society

"This ToolKit gives you the materials and resources to get the public thinking about the possibilities of life in the Universe using scientific investigations.
The activities can be adapted for many different age groups and the presenter will enjoy doing them at least as much as the participants will!"
- Linda Prince of the Amateur Observers' Society of New York

Make sure you get aliens invading your club with the July release of the Life In the Universe ToolKit by logging your second quarter events using NSN resources and ToolKits. You just need to log two events by the 5th of July to qualify!

This ToolKit is sponsored by NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Exoplanet Exploration Program
and the Virtual Planetary Laboratory Keep up with stargazing on our Facebook page