InOMN Winners Announced
And the Winners Are...

The International Observe the Moon (InOMN) team has donated Moon filters
and Moon globes to be given away to five lucky clubs.

Thank you all for logging your InOMN events. There were almost 50 events logged by Night Sky network clubs. Congratulations to...

Gloucester Area Astronomy Club in Rockport, MA
Miami Valley Astronomical Society in Bellbrook, OH
Oklahoma City Astronomy Club in Oklahoma
Santa Barbara Astronomical Unit in California
Statesboro Astronomy Club in Georgia

We hope you use them under many clear skies!

The winning clubs were selected at random from all clubs that logged their October 8th or 9th InOMN event by October 16th .

LUMICON 2-inch variable polarizer filters are manufactured from optically flat Hoya polarized glass. These specialized filters perform best at cutting all glare and increasing contrast on bright celestial objects such as the Moon at full illumination.