Your Passport to the Night Sky
Over 170 astronomy clubs nationwide are sharing the wonders of the night sky with their communities. What clubs are involved? Click here to see a map. You can contact one of these clubs through the Club Directory.

The amateur astronomers are providing their knowledge, time, and telescopes and NASA is providing materials and additional expertise to support their efforts.

You will have the opportunity to look deeply into the night sky through telescopes of all sizes. Discover how stars like our Sun and planets like Earth formed. See stars that have planets orbiting around them. Find out how these planets were discovered and how NASA is planning the search for another Earth.

And these are just a few of the topics amateur astronomers can discuss.

Contact a club near you for details: Club Directory.

The Night Sky Network is featured in an article in the April 2004 issue of Sky & Telescope magazine.

The Night Sky Network is sponsored and supported by JPL's PlanetQuest public engagement program. The non-profit Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) is developing and managing the Night Sky Network in cooperation with JPL and with the Astronomical League.