NOVA's Finding Life Beyond Earth - Resources for Educators
The cute little alien from the PowerPoint presentation in Anyone Out There?

During NOVA's Finding Life Beyond Earth we shared resources from our Finding Life in the Universe ToolKit on the NOVA Education Facebook Page and on our Twitter feed. Whether you are a teacher, amateur astronomer, informal educator, these resources are fun and the activities are easy to do. They're a great back-up plan if you've planned a stargazing or solar viewing event and it gets rained out. All these goodies are free and downloadable!

Anyone Out There? Activity and PowerPoint
In this presentation of the Drake Equation, each of the factors contributing to the likelihood of intelligent life in our galaxy is reviewed. Can be made interactive, with participants discussing 6 questions in groups. Starting with all of the stars in the Milky Way, the presenter methodically looks at many variables that together estimate the potential number of intelligent civilizations in the galaxy.

Earth Timeline Activity & Banner
When in Earth's history did life develop? How long did it take for complex life to develop? ?What can these answers tell us about the type of life we might find on other planets?
Guess when various kinds of organisms first developed in the history of Earth. Then reveal actual timeline of life. The early development of simple life and the relatively late development of complex life changes many people's ideas of what alien life may look like.

Keys to the Rainbow
Discover how we learn about stars and the atmospheres of exoplanets by examining the light in greater detail. Match up the spectra of stars and planets with their atmospheric ingredients. In particular, what ingredients are we looking for in planets that may harbor life?

Life in the Extreme Activity
Participants are each given one of 14 examples of extremophiles organisms found in some of the toughest conditions on Earth. They sort themselves into groups according to the various preferences of their organisms. Finally, they discover that all known life on Earth requires liquid water to survive and grow. This activity has free cards!

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