How to Spot Jupiter in November 2011
Did you know that many amateur astronomers are astrophotographers?
This photo of Jupiter was taken by Bob Pease, of the Northwest Suburban Astronomers.

Hello Stargazers!

Jupiter rules the skies this month and will be easy to see, even when the moon is bright. You'll see Jupiter rise in the east in the evening and set in the west before dawn. The nice thing is that Jupiter is up all night. Jupiter shines brighter than any star during November, so that's how you'll know you've spotted Jupiter. For sky charts and more details, read EarthSky's November 2011 guide to the five visible planets. Find out more about about Jupiter and its magnetospheres by watching Jet Propulsion Laboratory's What's Up November: Mars Launch & Planet Magnetospheres.

You can see Jupiter's moons with good binoculars or a telescope. Many astronomy clubs have loaner programs, so contact your local club to find out about becoming a member if you're interested in borrowing stargazing equipment. Astronomy clubs are always welcoming new members of all ages and it's usually low-cost to join and there are many perks to being a part of the club community.

Find a club in your area and find star parties and astronomy clubs on your iPhone using Go StarGaze. Join the NASA Night Sky Network stargazing community on Facebook and Twitter.

Wishing you clear skies and happy stargazing!