Fight for Your Right to Starlight!<p>
With half of the world's population now living in cities, many urban dwellers have never experienced the wonderment of pristinely dark skies. This loss, caused by light pollution, is a concern on many fronts: safety, energy conservation, cost, health and effects on wildlife, as well as our ability to view the stars. Even though light pollution is a serious and growing global concern, it is one of the easiest environmental problems you can address on a local level.
- GLOBE at Night

GLOBE at Night is an annual campaign that helps to address the light pollution issue locally and globally. People all over the world record the brightness of the night sky, and a map of light-pollution levels will be released using your data. Join the fight for starlight!

In 2012 there will be four opportunities to participate in GLOBE at Night:
January 14-23
February 12-21
March 13-22
April 11-20

One of the best ways to learn to appreciate the dark sky is with your local astronomy club. Many clubs are participating in GLOBE at Night, and you're welcome to contact a club - they're looking for new members!

Find your local astronomy club, find star parties on you iPhone using Go StarGaze, and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.