Astronomy is Forever

This little girl is fascinated by the Meteorite or MeteorWrong activity.
Photo: Linda Prince, Amateur Observers' Society of NY  

Remember your first love? Most likely it came and it went. But, astronomy is a love that endures. Did you know that if a child or teen is introduced to astronomy at a young age it's likely that the love of astronomy will develop and be carried into adulthood? We've also noticed that adults fall in love with astronomy pretty easily, too, and tend to stay hooked. Our clubs hold star parties that are interesting to the whole family. They also do a lot of solar viewings, perfect for children who are too young to stay up late into the night. Here are some helpful resources for parents and educators:

Your local Night Sky Network astronomy club knows how to do lots of fun activities, like Cook Up a Comet and Meteorite or MeteorWrong. Contact a club and have them visit your school or community center.


You'll find lots of kid-friendly activities at NASA's Year of the Solar System, including the Egg Drop Lander activity. The theme changes monthly, so there is plenty to choose from each month.


Universe at Your Fingertips
is a collection of activities and resources by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific for teaching astronomy, including an article on Picking the Top Tourist Sights in the Solar System. You can get previous versions of Universe at your Fingertips in Spanish. 

EU Universe Awareness, aimed at children as young as four years old, has lots of resources and a helpful article called Too Young to Learn

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Clear skies and happy stargazing!

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