Quarterly Prize Winners get Solar Viewing Glasses
Congratulations to these 5 clubs who will be receiving a set of 50 Solar Viewing Glasses in time for the eclipse and Venus transit:

Grants Pass Astronomers in Oregon for the Science Fair at Madrona Elementary (picture below left)
Santa Barbara Astronomical Unit for a planetarium show in Gladwin Planetarium
Warren Rupp Observatory in Ohio for a planetarium program with preschoolers in the Bucyrus School District
Atlanta Astronomy Club for a post-holiday program called How to Use a Telescope
Phoenix Astronomical Society for Bookman's Telescope workshop (picture below right)
Photo Credit: John Bunyan, Grants Pass Astronomers                           Photo Credit: Terri Finch, Phoenix Astronomical Society

A huge thanks goes out to The Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project for donating the solar viewing glasses. From over 300 logged events held between January 1st and March 31 that used Night Sky Network resources, these 5 outreach events were chosen at random. The more events you log, the better your club's chances of winning these wonderful quarterly prizes.

By logging outreach events for the Network, we capture valuable information about the materials developed for the Network members: how they are being used, who they are reaching, and how we can improve future materials. In short, they help us prove that the Night Sky Network is having an impact. Thanks to all the clubs that log events. Be sure to get your events logged by the end of April to qualify for the upcoming solar ToolKit, to be released in May!