Astronomy events you won't want to miss

Maverick's Lego Telescope
"Maverick was so excited after looking in the Lake County Astronomical Society telescopes that he made his own mini-telescope," via Sara Rendon, mother & stargazer 

NASA Night Sky Network (NSN) astro clubs inspire children and adults alike to enjoy the sky. NSN clubs share their telescopes all year long, but there are a few events you'll want to mark your calendar for and get out to solar gaze and stargaze with a local astronomy club:

April 28, 2012, Astronomy Day/Global Star Party - Many NSN clubs will be sharing their telescopes and have plenty of activities, both during the day and at night. Check the NSN calendar to find local events. Image: T. Ramakers, Charlie Elliott Chapter of the Atlanta Astronomy Club. Read more at Sky & Telescope.

May 20, 2012 A "ring of fire" solar eclipse is coming the the USA this spring. It's the first annular eclipse visible from the contiguous United States in almost 18 years. This is a daytime event, perfect for family fun. Enjoy this NASA video and find out more. Image
: Dennis L. Mammana (TWAN)

June 5, 2012 is the Transit of Venus, when Venus will cross the Sun. You'll definitely want to celebrate this amazing event with some safe solar viewing with a Night Sky Network astronomy club. Here's an article on the Transit of Venus. This is also a daytime event, so bring the family along!

April is Global Astronomy Month! The 
NASA Night Sky Network, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and Astronomers Without Borders inivite you to celebrate all month long with us! Encourage your friends and family to go to a stargazing or solar gazing event! Visit Astronomers Without Borders to find out more. Find out what to see this month in our Stargazing in April 2012 article. 

View the full shot of the Lego telescope and find out more about Lake County Astronomical Society's outreach.

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