NASA Night Sky Network clubs inspire a love of the universe!
Maverick's Lego Telescope
Astronomy outreach inspires beyond a stargazing event!

by Jessica Santascoy & Joe Shuster, April 18, 2012

NASA Night Sky Network (NSN) clubs inspire people everywhere. Long after a Lake County Astronomical Society event at the public library, Sara Rendon posted a pic to the club's Facebook page of her son, Maverick Michael Dietrich with his Lego telescope. Maverick was so inspired after viewing the Moon, Jupiter, and Venus through a telescope that he made his own mini-telescope!

Lake County Astronomical Society (LCAS), a NASA Night Sky Network club, regularly holds events at the Antioch Public Library as part of their public outreach program. "For a die-hard outreacher like me, this is the grand prize. Outreach is about the fun at the event, but my goal is to demonstrate to kids that science is fun, exciting and inspiring beyond the event. We're really lucky to see evidence of this goal being met. Hopfully, you can use the photo to help people understand why we do outreach events and why folks like our volunteers are so passionate about the activities." -Joe Shuster, LCAS member

All NSN clubs are holding great events that make a difference in people's understanding of the universe. Astronomy is forever - if a child gets involved in astronomy at a young age, s/he will probably keep that love going all his or her life. This is pretty powerful stuff!

If you're interested in going to a star party or solar gazing event, don't hold back. Ask about becoming an astro club member - it's always fun and exciting.

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