Mars Globe Winners!
The Night Sky Network is thrilled to announce July's Quarterly Prize winning clubs. From 921 events held in the second quarter of 2012 using NSN resources, these 5 club's events were chosen at random:
  • Los Angeles Astronomical Society
  • Northeast Kansas Amateur Astronomers' League Inc.
  • Sidewalk Universe
  • Community of Humble / Administaff Observatory Society
  • Brazos Region Astronomy Service Society

They can expect to receive a Mars globe in the mail shortly. It was more than just luck that won these prizes. These clubs logged events using NSN resources between April 1st and June 30th, including this one from The Los Angeles Astronomical Society, who didn't let the clouds ruin their star party:

"The thick marine layer hid the stars from us but it didn't hinder the spirit of the members present at the event. Herb set up his display which drew many children over to his area to see what was posted on his boards. At one point, the children were seated in front of the telescopes and John spoke to them about the night sky. The children were excited and seemed to enjoy our presence on the campus even though we could not find any celestial objects for them to see. The evening was not a wash-out because the information that exchanged between the LAAS members and the students was priceless."

Would your club like a Mars globe? There's still another "Oppportunity" to qualify! One more winner will be selected from all the public events scheduled between August 3-5, in preperation for the landing of the Curiosity rover August 5th! Just get your events on the calendar by July 25th to be automatically entered in the drawing. Winner picked on July 26th.

And remember to join us for the Curiosity telecon on Monday, July 23rd. Dr. Ashwin Vadavasa, one of the lead scientists on the mission, tells us about what to expect and gives us insights into the daring project goals.

These Mars globes have been generously donated by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, dedicated to advancing science literacy through astronomy. Join the 2012 Annual Meeting in Tucson, AZ August 4-8.