PANOPTES Telecon: Slides and transcripts now available
The PANOPTES team joined Night Sky Network members on September 24th, 2013 for a fascinating talk with Dr. Olivier Guyon, head of the Panoptic Astronomical Networked OPtical observatory for Transiting Exoplanets Survey), along with his two colleagues Josh Walawender and Mike Butterfield..

The team members outlined their project from its inception to its current status, and how they hope for PANOPTES to evolve. Eventually they wish to produce an affordable robotic observatory that can be used to make measurements sensitive enough to detect exoplanets! Their goal is to make their observatory affordable and standardized, as well as highly accessible by using off-the-shelf components such as DSLRs and Arduino modules. By doing so they hope to bring the search for exoplanets (as well as other unforseen uses for the observatories) to both amateurs as well as professional astronomers. 

Suffice it to say our member clubs were very excited to hear about this opportunity! To assist the PANOPTES team, go to or write them at .

Check out our dedicated PANOPTES telecon page for the slides, transcript, and audio of the presentation:

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