All about Exoplanets - New resources!
New and updated materials have just been released and sent to every Night Sky Network club. If you haven't seen them yet, take a look at these new materials!
PQ cards
 Observing Cards
A brand new set of PlanetQuest Observing Cards tell engaging stories about your favorite observing objects and relate them to the exciting science of exoplanet discovery. Each club received 3 sets of these for distributing to telescope operators and other sky guides at your events. These aren't for the public - they are talking guides for you, the amateur astronomer! Can't see them in the dark? Check out the red-filter version for use on your mobile device.

There are updated handouts for your visitors too. The Celestial Treasure Hunt pairs nicely with the Observing Cards and puts the evening's observing targets into a bigger picture for your visitors. Plus, it gives them a take-away, places to learn more, and an invitation to come back to your future events. The Trip Around the Triangle handout is a great early fall engagement piece that includes objects found in the Summer Triangle, including stars with exoplanets.

Looking for a new PowerPoint? Check out the PlanetQuest - Our Changing Worlds View PowerPoint presentation, including the script that gives an update on our search for exoplanets. Wondering what Kepler's doing now? Get an overview of this huge planet search and see how much they are still discovering with mounds of data left to analyze. Take a look at the Kepler Mission - The search for Earth-sized planets PowerPoint.

And as always, keep us posted on how you're using them. We'd love to hear from you with logs, emails, and pctures. Keep up the great work, clubs!