ToolKits now shipping to clubs!
It has been a fast and furious winter here at the Night Sky Network; we have finally finished shipping Toolkits to clubs that qualified by entering logging their events in the Night Sky Network calendar for Q4 2013. Over 100 clubs qualified for ToolKits, and over 50 clubs received ToolKits. Why the discrepancy? Some of those clubs have actually earned all of the ToolKits available from the Night Sky Network; amazing work, everyone! Don't worry; we are hard at work on some exciting new ToolKits for those clubs who have earned them all.

However, ToolKits are not the only reason to enter your club's events into the Calendar. By putting your club's star parties, meetings, and other events into the NSN calendar as public, you help to publicize your  events to both the general public and your own club's members. The public entries are shared with several smartphone apps to allow people to look up astronomy events in their areas. By entering your club's events into the NSN Calendar you can attract potential new club members! 
You also qualify for additional prizes as they become available, of course. Your club can hop up on the rankings in the "Stars in the Night Sky Network" section by both adding and then logging public outreach events that use Night Sky Network resources.  

We are also hard at work entering more events into the National and Regional calendar listings, including regional star parties, Meteor showers, and other notable astronomical events. In addition, there will be enhancements coming to the calendar and the Night Sky Network website in 2014, including proper mobile device support and a slick, modern new look! More announcements will be coming soon.

Finally: by adding and logging your events and telling us how many people your club has reached, you are also telling NASA that the Night Sky Network is a valuable resource that is used to reach thousands of people a month. Those numbers are very important; the more people that are reached, the more support the Night Sky Network has in continuing its mission to help astronomers such as yourselves teach the public the wonders of the night sky. Thank you all so very much!

We will be prepping for another around of ToolKit shipping soon; please log your events from January-March of this year to receive the next batch for your club. May you have clear skies!

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