NSN News: Feburary 2014
Welcome to our February newsletter! Check out the links below for more information on participating in Globe at Night, news of goodies coming your way, and more activities for this month! We wish you clear skies during this month of cold and wild weather.
  1. Globe at Night Telecon: Audio and Transcripts now available
  2. Award Pins and Toolkits now shipping
  3. Mission Mars: Telecon with Dr. Pascal Lee coming in March
  4. Featured Article and Activity for February
1. Globe at Night Telecon: Audio and Transcripts now available
Connie Walker from Globe at Night joined Night Sky Network members on January 27th for an illuminating talk on the GaN program, and discussed how you can become involved in the fight against light pollution by measuring sky quality.

2014 promises to be a landmark year for GaN. They have released several new smartphone apps to help improve the accuracy of light readings for our night sky. In addition to their web-based sky quality app, there is also the Loss of the Night app on Google Play for Android devices, and the Dark Sky Meter app for iPhone 4S and higher on the iTunes store.

This year's GaN also comes with a new schedule: they now have monthly events! Connie discussed how to members can get involved, and how to encourage the general public to get involved as well. The more eyes on the skies, the more data points the GaN can get for their project; this allows them to do many wonderful things with their data. Some of their projects include dark sky quality maps, and kits which help to better inform city planners and councils on the effects and spread of light pollution.

Check out our dedicated Telecon wrap-up page for slides, audio, transcripts, and related links.

2. Award Pins and Toolkits now shippingNSN Award pins ready to be shipped
We have shipped all ordered NSN Award Pins to those clubs that qualified by logging five or more events in 2013! They should have arrived by now, so check to make sure your club has received them. ToolKits are also shipping for clubs who logged events in Q4 of last year as well; they should arrive at your clubs in the next couple of weeks.

As always, make sure that your club's shipping location information is up to date in the Night Sky Network to make sure you will receive your goodies. Keep entering your events and logging them in the Night Sky Network this year for even more goodies!


3. [CANCELLED]Save the Date: Mission: Mars Telecon with Dr. Pascal Lee coming in March

*Note: We regret that we have had to cancel this presentation by Dr. Lee due to scheduling conflicts. We will keep you updated on our next NSN Telecon. 

4. Featured Activity and Article: February

Featured Activity: Universe Discovery Guide for February

    In the Guide for February
  • Theme: Orion Nebula, Nursery of Newborn Stars
  • Sky Feature: Orion Nebula
  • Try This!
  • Activity: Stars and Their Lives
  • Connect to NASA Science

Featured Article: More Watery Worlds?

Ceres joins Europa and Enceladus as a formerly unexpected watery world. Does it also have oceans?


You can reach both of us any time at nightskyinfo@astrosociety.org

Wishing you clear skies!
Vivian White & David Prosper
The Night Sky Network Team

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