NSN News: Updates coming to the NSN Website!
March is a very busy month for everyone working behind the scenes at the NASA Night Sky Network. We are working hard to help you share the joy of space with the public; more details on the latest news are below! 
  1. The Night Sky Network website is getting an important update
  2. UPDATE: Telecon Cancelled for March
  3. Growing your club
  4. Featured Educational Resource: Learning Space
  5. Featured Article and Activity for March
Preview thumbnail of the new look for the Night Sky Network
1. The Night Sky Network is getting an important update

Great news: in the next few weeks, we will be launching a brand new look and feel for the Night Sky Network! The functionality of our site will remain the same-you will still be able to post and log events, share your calendars, manage club rosters, and so on. However, the site itself will be up to date with some of the latest web standards, along with a clean, modern look and more intuitive style. We will be mobile friendly as well! Currently we are testing the new look for the website and making sure everything is working and ready to go. We will release more details as the site nears release. 

2. UPDATE: Telecon for March cancelled

We regret to report that our upcoming telecon with Pascal Lee on his book, Mission:Mars has been cancelled.We are working on a  new telecon for April and will post details when it is ready; our apologies for the scheduling confusion.

3. Growing your club

With the impending launch of the new NSN website, it may also be a good time to recruit new members into your clubs! We have a series of videos with tips to help you grow your clubs and reach new audiences.
Screenshot of Growing Your Astronomy Club video

"Growing Your Astronomy Club" is a series of three videos that offer ideas and advice gathered from research with amateur astronomy clubs across the United States. The solutions outlined here have been successfully implemented at astronomy clubs to address a variety of issues related to attracting new members, retaining members, and involving members as volunteers.

See the videos in action on Youtube: 

4. Featured Educational Resource: Learning Space

NSN members may be interested in a weekly  Google Hangout on Air called "Learning Space", produced  in conjunction with the citizen science site CosmoQuest. Every week features a topic or project related to science education. Each episode is hosted by Nicole Gugliucci and Georgia Bracey
March's programming includes Educational Resources with NASA Wavelength, Global Astronomy Month, and Citizen Science with Microbes. Shows air on Google+ and YouTube Wednesdays at 6pm Central (23:00 GMT).

For more information, as well as the upcoming guest list and complete schedule, visit: http://cosmoquest.org/x/educatorszone/learning-space/.

 (We should mention that the NSN was featured earlier this year!)

5. Featured Activity and Article for March

InSight lander rendering

Featured Article: Insight into Mars

The Mars InSight mission will be launched in 2016 and will delve into the Martian crust in order to answer vital questions about how rocky planets form.

Thumbnail for March Universe Discovery Guide

Featured Activity: Universe Discovery Guide for March 

  • Theme: Pleiades: Teenage Sister Stars Readying to Leave Home
  • Sky Feature: Pleiades Star Cluster
  • Try This!
  • Activity: Young Star Clusters and Old Star Clusters


You can reach both of us any time at nightskyinfo@astrosociety.org

Wishing you clear skies!
Vivian White & David Prosper
The Night Sky Network Team

Night Sky Network Members:
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