April News: Exciting Update to the NSN Website, and more!
Amateur Astronomers: April is bringing big changes to the Night Sky Network, see the latest news below. Also: it's Global Astronomy Month!
  1. Major update for the Night Sky Network this month
  2. April Telecon: The New NSN Website
  3. Toolkits and Quarterly Prizes: Log your club's events!
  4. Updates from Learning Space and NASA's Space Place
  5. Featured Articles and Activities for April
1. Major Update for the Night Sky Network this month

Updates to the Night Sky Network are coming this month. The NSN website will soon have a new, clean and modern look and feel while retaining all of the features that make using the Night Sky Network so great. In fact, we are hoping that this update will make the site easier to use and more accessible for folks of all walks of life, from the most hard core astronomers to members of the general public who are curious about our night sky.

Our primary goal, however, it to incorporate as many of the suggestions you, the hardworking NSN community, have made over the years to improve the site- and we are very excited about the results! 

Here are a few previews of the mobile site:
Preview of mobile NSN homepage Events on mobile  Log events on mobileDrop-down options

Here are a couple of samples from the upcoming Desktop version:

Desktop NSN Planner Preview of NSN Club pagePreview of NSn Desktop Calendar

There are more screenshots of the new views coming to both Mobile and Desktop devices on Imgurhttp://bit.ly/1kRpjgs

Club Members and Coordinators: the functionality of our site will remain the same. You will still be able to post and log events, share your calendars, manage club rosters, and so on. However, the site itself will be up to date with some of the latest web standards, along with a clean, modern look and more intuitive navigation. We will be mobile friendly as well, allowing you to update and log events from your tablet or smartphone (depending on the availability of an internet connection, of course!). Currently we are testing the new look and features for the website and making sure everything is working and ready to go. 

Some of the new features for the Night Sky Network:
  • Mobile Device Support (iOS and Android)
  • Create and Log events right from your phone
  • Improved Night Sky Planner
  • Location-Aware Event and Club Finder
  • Modern look and feel
  • Intuitive interface
  • Cleaner maps
  • Embedded videos
  • Easier to search Resources and Events
We will send out a notice to all clubs shortly before the NSN website is updated. The site will be down for a short time as we update and transfer the site to its new setup. While we are trying very hard to find and fix every bug, some may remain. If you find a bug, please report your findings to nightskyinfo@astrosociety.org . We will be ready and work hard to get it fixed as soon as we can. 

2. April Telecon: The New NSN Website

Dave and Vivian, Administrators for the Night Sky Network, will present the latest features of the newly updated webpage and answer any questions you may have in a special presentation on April 28th at 9:00 PM EDT/6:00 PM PDT. This will be a special interactive session; more details will be announced shortly. 

Slides and additional resources will be made available shortly on our dedicated resource page here:  http://1.usa.gov/1iOVf2p

Call-in Information

NSN members are invited to join the live telecon by calling the toll-free line:  1-888-455-9236
Call up to 15 minutes before the telecon begins. An operator will answer and:
  •  You will be asked for the passcode: NIGHT SKY NETWORK
  •  You will be asked to give your NAME and the CLUB you belong to as well as the number of people listening with you.

3. ToolKits and Quarterly Prizes: Log your club's events!

Toolkits are being prepped to ship to clubs that have logged their events from January 1-March 31. Log your events by April 30th to qualify for the Toolkits, as well as to be qualify for one of our quarterly prizes: a streetlight spectra viewer! 
This is a very useful tool for measuring the type of light pollution in your area. 10 clubs will win; log your events now!

4. Updates from Learning Space and NASA's Space Place

    New Apps from NASA's Space Place 
Thumbnail from iOS game Rosetta

There are new fun games for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) from NASA's Space Place! Journey to a comet in Rosetta's "Comet Quest", check out GOES-R's Satellite Insight, try out search and rescue operations in Rescue 406, and of course check out all a selection of the latest NASA images and videos on Space Place Prime. Check them out here on the main NASA Space Place website: http://1.usa.gov/1ehTL4R

     Learning Space in April

What's new on  Learning Space this month? Join Nicole Gugliucci and Georgia Bracey in their Google Hangout every Wednesday at 4 pm Pacific/ 7 pm Eastern time to learn more about topics in astronomy education, outreach and other ways to share the wonders of science. 
   Coming up:

4. Featured Activity and Article for April

Featured Articles
GAM Logo
April is Global Astronomy Month
Welcome to the greatest month of the year, where astronomy is celebrated with special events all month long.

A Year Full of Eclipses 
Eclipse image

2014 promises to be a year full of gorgeous lunar eclipses. Keep your eyes peeled for the first one this  April...and three more to come between now and the end of 2015!

Featured Activities

Thumbnail of Universe Discovery Guide for April
Universe Discovery Guide for April

Discover the Universe with your family and friends! In the guide for April we focus on :
  • Theme: Discovering Planet Families
  • Sky Feature: Pollux
  • Activity: How do we find planets around other stars?
  • And more!

Why don't eclipse
s happen every month?

Create 3D models of the Earth, Moon and Sun and demonstrate solar and lunar eclipses. This will help to show why we do not see eclipses at every full and new Moon. 
Preview of eclipse activity


You can reach both of us any time at nightskyinfo@astrosociety.org

Wishing you clear skies!
Vivian White & David Prosper
The Night Sky Network Team

Night Sky Network Members:
You are the backbone of eyes-to-the-skies astronomy outreach.  NASA, ASP, and our partners are proud to support your amazing outreach events with a variety of free materials: Quarterly prizes for logging your events, outreach ToolKits, handouts from NASA partners, and publicity for events you post on the Night Sky Network Calendar.
NOTE: The NASA Night Sky Network is a nationwide community of over 450 amateur astronomy clubs.  You are signed up for email notifications from the Night Sky Network as a member of your local astronomy club.  To change your preferences for receiving Newsletters and other notifications, log into the Network and select "My Profile."
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