Stepping out with the Night Sky Network Stars
Telescope observing goes upscale as Louisville Astronomical Society supports a fundraiser for the Louisville, Kentucky Orchestra. (Photo courtesy of Duke Marsh)

Thirty-three clubs in the NASA Night Sky Network have logged at least five events since March 2004. Scroll down to see the complete listing.

The newest additions to this list are Louisville Astronomical Society of Kentucky, Berks County Amateur Astronomical Society of Pennsylvania, Lipan Astronomy and Space Society of Texas, San Jose Astronomical Association of California, and Stonebelt Stargazers of Indiana. Congratulations on your extensive astronomy outreach! LetÂ’s see what a few of these clubs are accomplishing.

Ryan M. Hannahoe of Berks County Amateur Astronomical Society of Pennsylvania, a college student and winner of the Astronomical LeagueÂ’s 2001 Jack Horkheimer Award for Exceptional Service by a Young Astronomer, gave a talk at AstroCon 2004 in California on Inspiring Youth in Astronomy.

Standing in a large clearing in thousands of acres of west Texas cotton, James Addison and the Lipan Astronomy and Space Society showed the crowd which stars have planets around them. The only frustration he reported was “when one youngster couldn't see the ‘man in the moon’.”

Bob Havner of the San Jose Astronomical Society helped train a group of teachers at a NASA Explorer Schools Workshop. After his demonstration on how we find planets around other stars, the teachers tried their hands at practicing the demo on each other.

Stonebelt Stargazers help out with Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. At one event it was pouring rain. William Johnson reports that he "answered some questions so that they would earn their merit badges. Everyone said they had a wonderful time but was disappointed that they couldn't look through the telescope and I also think that they now know why they do put telescopes in space." Where the telescopes don't get rained on!

Is your local astronomy club a member of the Night Sky Network? Click here to see a map!.

The Night Sky Network is open for applications from astronomy clubs through September 30th. Find out more: How to apply

These Night Sky Network clubs have logged at least five events (number of events is in parentheses) since March 2004:
  • (18)Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas
  • (12) San Antonio Astronomical Association
  • (12) Santa Barbara Astronomical Unit
  • (12) Statesboro Astronomy Club
  • (10) River Bend Astronomy Club
  • (9) Door Peninsula Astronomical Society
  • (8) Miami Valley Astronomical Society
  • (8) Mission Valley Astronomy Club
  • (8) Westminster Astronomical Society, inc.
  • (7) Arkansas Oklahoma Astronomical Society
  • (7) Astronomical Society of Northern New England
  • (7) Louisville Astronomical Society
  • (6) Barnard-Seyfert Astronomical Society
  • (6) Central Florida Astronomical Society, Inc.
  • (6) East Valley Astronomy Club
  • (6) Evansville Astronomical Society
  • (6) Mount Diablo Astronomical Society
  • (6) Neville Public Museum Astronomical Society
  • (6) South Texas Astronomical Society
  • (5) Amarillo Astronomy Club
  • (5) Astronomical Society of Southern New England
  • (5) Berks County Amateur Astronomical Society
  • (5) Chicago Astronomical Society
  • (5) Lima Astronomical Society
  • (5) Lipan Astronomy and Space Society
  • (5) Muskegon Astronomical Society
  • (5) Northeast Kansas Amateur Astronomers' League Inc.
  • (5) San Jose Astronomical Association
  • (5) Starlight Astronomy Club
  • (5) Starsplitters of Wyalusing
  • (5) Stonebelt Stargazers
  • (5) Vermont Astronomical Society