Girls and Space
How are Night Sky Network member clubs encouraging girls' interest in astronomy and science?

Besides teaching her own daughter about telescopes (photo), Rebecca Saflarski and the Northwest Suburban Astronomers of Illinois, along with almost all the other clubs in the Night Sky Network, provide programs for Girl Scouts. Introducing the sky by pointing out the stars that have planets, helping girls earn their badges, and conducting sky treasure hunts, clubs like Tacoma Astronomical Society in Washington, Kansas Astronomical Observers of Wichita, and Treasure Coast Astronomical Society in Florida actively promote girls' interest in science.

Northeast Kansas Amateur Astronomers' League Inc. provided a presentation and telescope viewing to support Kansas State University's annual GROW (Girls Researching Our World) Workshop. As reported by Janelle Burgardt, "This event presents hands-on science activities to try to encourage girls in 6th & 7th grade NOT to drop out of science and math."

City Lights Astronomical Society for Students in Dallas, Texas inspired the girls of Big Brothers Big Sisters to ask questions. As John Wagoner reports: "Talking about planets around other stars opened the flood gates for a question and answer session afterwards as everyone seemed to be interested in this topic."

At a girls' summer camp in New York, Linda Prince of the Amateur Observers Society of New York stimulated interest by talking about telescopes in space. As she reported, "The participants were very curious about astronomy and space and asked many questions. Of the twelve 7-10 year olds that participated, only two had heard of the Hubble Space Telescope!"

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