NSN News for November 2014
Visitors safely looking at the Sun at an  Astronomy Day event.
Photo courtesy Ted Forte of the Huacha Astronomy Club of Southeastern Arizona

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Amateur Astronomers: News you can use
  1. Telecon: Astronomers Without Borders Global Pairing Program Initiative
  2. Reminder: Log Club Events for ToolKits and Prizes
  3. Astronomer Survey Results coming soon!
  4. Featured Article and Activity for November
Special Notice: 

Before we begin this newsletter, we would like to inform you of a bug that you may have already experienced. 
The NSN email system is currently encountering errors when sending messages to fellow NSN members for some users. If your primary email address is from @aol.com or @yahoo.com and you send a message to fellow club membersyou will receive many bounce backs when attempting to message your members,. This is the result of an update to email authentication systems on some providers that took place a few months ago and have been slowly rolled out. Unfortunately the problem is very difficult fix without breaking our mail list system for other users at the moment but we are hoping to get this fixed, but as yet we do not have a timeline. 
Our current workaround is to either change your current primary email address on the Night Sky Network to a non-@yahoo.com or @aol.com address if possible, or to message your members via the bcc function in your local email client after downloading your memebr list ot an excel or .csv file. We apologize for this continuing issue. 
For more information on this problem and how it began, you can read this article on PC World: http://bit.ly/emailissues 

1. Telecon: Astronomers Without Borders' Global Club Pairing Program
Logo for the Global Pairing Project
NSN Members: Join us on Tuesday, November 18th at 6:00 PM Pacific Time for a talk with Michael Simmons and Leo Heiland of Astronomers Without Borders on their new "Global Pairing Program" for astronomy clubs around the world. 
Slides will be posted soon on our dedicated resource page at http://bit.ly/teleconawb 

Call-in Information and an overview of the program is below. We hope to hear from you!


Astronomers Without Borders' mission is to connect people around the world through the universal interest in astronomy. The Global Pairing Program goes right to the heart of this mission. This new program is designed to encourage clubs and individuals to pair as small groups and share their experiences and learnings about science and astronomy with clubs and individuals in other countries. 
Using Skype, AWB expects the meetings will encourage others, especially young students, to continue interest and study in science and astronomy.  Where time zones are a challenge, AWB sees potential for demonstrations of night time state side observing with children in daytime primary and secondary classrooms in places like Vietnam to Pakistan, or discussions and lectures about the cosmos. The people behind the program expect the clubs to establish the topics of common interest during early Skype online sessions. There are challenges but also much larger rewards for those who engage and participate in the program. 
Call-In Information
NSN members are invited to join the live telecon by calling the toll-free line:  1-888-455-9236
Call up to 15 minutes before the telecon begins. An operator will answer and:
  •  You will be asked for the passcode: NIGHT SKY NETWORK
  •  You will be asked to give your NAME and the CLUB you belong to as well as the number of people listening with you.

2. Reminder: Log Club Events for ToolKits and Prizes
It is now the fourth quarter of the year; time to log your events from July-September if you have not yet done so! All clubs who log at least two public outreach events this quarter remain eligible for new NSN ToolKits-provided, of course, that they have not yet received all of them, as many of your clubs have-as well as qualifying for quarterly prizes, NSN recognition pins for the year, and NASA handout requests.

Our Q3 Prize, going to four lucky clubs that have logged at least two events between July-September is: The Family Astro Activity set, "Night Sky Adventure"!The set includes many activities to share with family and friends as you lead them in their exploration of the night sky, including a Celestial Treasure Hunt, Make Tour Own Star Wheel, Sky Heroes, Constellation Cookies, and more!. Thank you to the Astronomical Society of the Pacific for the donation.

If your club has not received a ToolKit in some time you can email us at nightskyinfo@astrosociety.org to inquire as to why you have not recently received one-it is likely that you have received all of them, but it accidents in shipping do happen as well. Remember to double-check your club's shipping address. We save money if we can ship your ToolKits to a business address as well, and your shipment will be more secure. Remember, we also prefer to not ship to PO Boxes if possible!

One important note on your club's address: We recently identified a bug that would sometimes allow your club's shipping information to be displayed  as your club's public contact information. Please double check your club's display information to make sure it is up to date and showing the correct information.
3. Astronomer Survey Results Coming Soon!

Thank you to everyone who took our survey on the state of amateur astronomy in 2014. We had an outpouring of replies-almost 1,000 people responded! We are currently crunching through the data and your amazing responses, and the results wlil be published soon here on the Night Sky Network as well as elsewhere. Stay tuned for further announcements!

4. Featured Activity and Article for November

Featured Article: Landing on a CometImage of Philae lander and comet P/67 C-G behindit
What will we discover as the ESA's Rosetta mission's Philae lander spears itself onto the surface of Comet P76/C-G's nucleus? Including links to the best sources of information on the upcoming landing as well as activities and resources for your comet viewing party. Find it here: 

Image of a preview for the GuideFeatured Activity: What is the Fate of the Universe?
The Universe Discovery Guide for November asks, "What is the fate of our Universe?" Find out how to make a model of our expanding Universe! Also: find  the Andromeda Galaxy. Availabl at http://bit.ly/nsnuniversefate


You can reach both of us any time at nightskyinfo@astrosociety.org

Wishing you clear skies!
Vivian White & David Prosper
The Night Sky Network Team

Night Sky Network Members:
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