Take a crash course in astronomy!
The Bad Astronomer, aka Phil Plait (who is actually a Good Astronomer) invites you to check out his new series on understanding astronomy. These videos are short and engaging lectures , each of which focuses on one particular topic in astronomy. As of February 2, there are three videos with many more on the way. Both newbies and veterans of astronomy will find something to like in these videos, and you may earn something new!

Introduction to Astronomy: Crash Course Astronomy #1
Thumbnail preview of Crash Course Astronomy #1

Start out in Astronomy! What exactly is astronomy and how did it develop? What do astronomer do? Are you an astronomer?

Naked Eye Observations: Crash Course Astronomy #2
Thumbnail for Crash Course Astronomy #2

Start observing the night sky. Check out the basics about stars and constellations and the difference a dark sky makes versus a light-polluted area on how much of the sky you can see.

Cycles in the Sky: Crash Course Astronomy #3
Thumbnail image for Crash Course Astronomy #3

Check out the cycles of the planets, Moon, and Sun. The sky is a calendar, and in fact humans first used their observations of the cycles in the sky to identify the star of seasons, schedule holidays, maintain agriculture, and more.

There will be many more  videos in the series, so catch up now-or save them up for a binge watching session!

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