Galileoscopes available once again!
Originally developed  by a team of educators and astronomers as a cornerstone project for the International Year of Light in 2009, the venerable  Galileoscope is back to celebrate the International Year of light-providing a focus on the Cosmic Light initiative. The Galileoscope is an inexpensive and high-quality refracting telescope kit inspired by the scope that Galileo Galilei originally used to make his revolutionary observations over four hundred years ago.  
The Galileoscope can let you observe the same objects and features as Galileo saw but in even better detail, such as the phases of Venus, the craters and mountains of the Moon, the moons of Jupiter, and even the rings of Saturn. In fact, the views are much better than the ones enjoyed by Galileo, as he was never able to fully resolve the rings of Saturn!
 The Galileoscope also comes with an educational kit, and there are other related professional development programs for educators that use this scope as a basic for lessons in astronomy and optics. Assembling the Galileoscope and switching between its different magnifications helps to teach how telescopes work with their optics.
 You can order your own Galileoscope at While there, check out the other optics and photonics kits available for home and educational use.
International Year of Cosmic Light

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