Important Club Coordinator Information for the End of the Year

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2016 Outreach Award Pins Coming Soon!
The annual NSN award pins are here, to be shipped to qualified clubs by January! Clubs that order pins early will be shipped their pins before the end of December-handy for clubs with January award ceremonies! This year our pins feature the Mars Insight Mission, who sponsored this years pins and our upcoming ToolKit. You can also print out a certificate of merit for your volunteers here:
How does my club qualify for the award pins? 
Every NSN club that has logged at least five events using NSN resources during 2015 will automatically receive 3 free pins. Please log events by January  12, 2016 to qualify.

How can I order the additional pins?
If your club would like to order more pins, please
fill out the requested information and then pay through PayPal or by check, see below. Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to order via PayPal-you can use your credit card information. You must order any additional pins by January 30, 2016. 
How much do the pins cost?
Like last year, all qualified clubs will be shipped three free pins. Additional pins can be ordered for $2.00 each. Please make sure that your club's shipping address is up to date. Note that a club's shipping address is different than your club's contact information, and it is editable by clicking the "club set-up button" when you log in.

Additional Pin Order Link:

PayPal Link:
Please note: enter in the desired amount of pins (subtracting your first 3 free pins!) and click "update" BEFORE finalizing your order.

Pay By Check Instructions

To send a check, please make it out to the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and include the club name in the comment if not already on the check. Checks need to be postmarked by January 30, 2015 to receive pins.

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Win a OneSky Telescope!
Image of a OneSky Telescope
Image Credit: Astronomers Without Borders

Your club could win a OneSky portable telescope from Astronomers Without Borders just by adding ten future public events to the NSN Calendar.

How does my club qualify for this prize contest?
Clubs that enter ten public events in the NSN public calender for 2016 are entered in the drawing for this fantastic 130 mm telescope. Every club that has ten upcoming public events listed in the calendar by January 12th will be in teh drawing for the telescope.  

What is the deadline?
Please enter your clubs events by January 12, 2016 to qualify. Good luck to everyone! 

New Outreach Handouts 

For clubs that are active and have been adding and logging events, we have three fun new free giveaways for your club's outreach events.

Order them by clicking on the "Request Outreach Handouts" link on the Night Sky Network Services box on the right-hand side of the page when you log in. Club Coordinators can access this resource one you are logged in. 

If you are unable to order any handouts or do not see any listed, it means your club has gone inactive due to not adding and logging events. Simply log 2 or more events using NSN resources that occurred in he last 6 months to become active once again!

Bug updates: 

The Night Sky Network Calendar is experiencing issues with the most recent versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Edge browsers on the new Windows 10 system. When viewing the page in those browsers, the dates for Saturday and Sunday appear "squished" and no events appear on the Friday column. Firefox, Safari, and Chrome browsers are fine.  Your events are correct and do still contain the correct dates and times.

We are also aware of sunrise and sunset times not displaying on many systems. We are hoping to have these issues fixed in the next few weeks after our designers have tackled these tricky display issues.

If you are experiencing any issues with adding or logging  events due to these issues please contact us and we can work with you to work around these problems-especially as we certainly want your clubs to qualify for the prizes, handouts, and pins as mentioned above! The end of the year can be a rushed time for everyone but we will work hard to get your issues resolved as quickly as we can. Find us on

The new year will see many important updates for the Night Sky Network's website and email system. We have heard your concerns and will work to fix those so that we are better able to serve you. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned for what promises to be an exciting year for the Night Sky Network community. 


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