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Amateur Astronomers: Are you ready for Dark Sky Week?
  1. Member Webinar April 18th: MESSENGER at Mercury: Exploring an Enigmatic Planet
  2. Find us at NEAF on April 9 & 10!
  3. Celebrate Global Astronomy Month 
  4. Reminder: Log your club's recent past events!
  5. Featured Resources for April
Image of the MESSENGER Probe and Larry Nittler
Image Credit: NASA/MESSENGER and Larry Nittler
1. MESSENGER at Mercury: Exploring an Enigmatic Planet
NSN Members, join Dr. Larry Nittler on Monday, April 18, 2016 at 9:00 pm ET/ 6:00 pm PT to learn about the highlights from the MESSENGER mission to Mercury, and many of its exciting scientific results.  Find out the latest details in this video-based webinar!

You can also view related material on our dedicated resource page (slides will be posted here soon). On this page you can also register for the webinar, download the presentation slides, and view other resources as they become available.  
Note: NSN Member login is required.

Also, did you know you can see the full schedule of upcoming webinars on the NSN website? There are some fantastic ones coming up this year! 

Logo for NEAF
2. Find us at NEAF this April 9 & 10

NEAF, the NorthEast Astronomy Forum, is an annual conference held in Severn, NY by the Rockland Astronomy Club, full of incredible speakers and the latest in astronomy techniques and equipment. Dave Prosper from the Night Sky Network will be there too; stop by our booth and say hi! We will have fun ToolKit activities, answers to your most burning amateur astronomy questions, and behind the scenes news of updates. Catch us there all day this Saturday and Sunday, April 9-10. 
Logo for Global Astronomy Month
3. Celebrate Global Astronomy Month

Global Astronomy Month 2016 (#GAM2016) fills the entire month of April again with exciting programs for astronomy enthusiasts worldwide. Whether it’s stargazing, sharing with the public, or the cosmos in art, there is something for everyone in GAM 2016.
Global Astronomy Month (GAM), organised each April by Astronomers Without Borders, is the world’s largest annual global celebration of astronomy. Each GAM brings new ideas and new opportunities, and GAM 2016 is no exception, once again bringing enthusiasts together worldwide to celebrate Astronomers Without Borders’ motto: One People, One Sky.
Dozens of programs fill the month of April. To find them check more details on their many astronomy activities check out their  press release or the official GAM page

Image of the 3D printed Moons from Gioann

4. Reminder: Log your club's recent events for qualify for prizes and Toolkits!

Members who log their recent events qualify to receive new ToolKits, prizes, and free outreach handouts. NSN Clubs whose members have created and logged at least two events using NSN resources in the first quarter of 2016 qualify for a new ToolKit. For every event using NSN resources that your club logs, you will be entered into the running for this gorgeous and sturdy 3D printed set of Jovian Moon models, created by Gioann at Shapeways.comA great addition to outreach events where Jupiter is to be observed, you can show visitors a "close-up" view of each of Jupiter's famed moons and engage them with discussion about the amazing features and mysteries of each of these large moons, from Io's explosive volcanism and Calisto's ancient craters to the icy oceans beneath Ganymede and Europa. They are really beautiful and we're excited to pass them onto you all. 

Jupiter is high in the sky and perfect for observation in the evening; plus, NASA's Juno mission is on its way to its Jovian orbit this summer, so visitors may have lots of questions and Jupiter and its moons! Stay tuned for our May 11th webinar all about Juno.

We will be giving away five sets of these handy models to five lucky clubs, so make sure your events from January - March 2016 have been logged. The more events your club has logged, the more entries your club will have in this contest! The end date for logging events to qualify for this prize is April 16, 2016.


5. Featured Astronomy Resources for April

Preview image of the Universe Discovery Guide for April

Featured Guide: Universe Discovery Guide for April

Discover the many types planets and solar systems in April's guide to our universe! There is even an activity that helps to shed light on how astronomers discover planets around other stars. The Guide is available in regular and red-light editions, and you can download it here.

Featured Article: Celebrate Global Astronomy Month
What more can we say? Check it out

That is all the news for this month! Questions or comments? You can reach us at

Wishing you clear, dark skies,
Vivian White & David Prosper
The Night Sky Network Team

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