Handy Toolkit Hacks: A Glass and Mirrors Light Bench
Photo Credits: Frank Garner  of Charlie Elliot Astronomy

Frank Garner of Charlie Elliot Astronomy (CEA) is a handy astronomer dedicated to outreach. He decided to take one of the Night Sky Network's Glass & Mirror's demonstrations and improve on it to better fit his own club's outreach at daytime events by giving the kit some sturdiness and improving its ease of setup with some precision craftsmanship! As you can see above the results speak for themselves with an elegant light bench, the sockets and base for which you can better see below.

Image of the socket base of the Glass and Mirrors workbench
Frank even kept the dimensions super portable so this much-revised kit could still fit inside the original carrying case, keeping it light, small, and super simple to carry, set up, and break down!

Photo of children exploring optics
Here you can see a a couple of visitors exploring the optics on display during a sunny daytime event. Photo credit: Theo Ramakers


Here is see another great setup: a clamp and mount that allows a "naked telescope" demo using a custom tripod mount and clamp that allows the refracting telescope demo's lenses to be easily pointed at distant targets. Below you can see the tripod adapter for this setup.

photo of a close up of the tripod adapter clamp

Theo Ramakers of the CEA adds, "We use this setup many times as it allows the visitors to learn how a telescope works and see that it inverts the image and we can do this anywhere, inside or out. A perfect add on for solar outreach."  

Another image showing some nice sharp angles

Has someone in your club created a neat hack for outreach using NSN ToolKit materials? Let us know! Tell us about what you created (or altered for the better!) and how you used it at nightskyinfo@astrosociety.org.
Keep looking up-and keep tinkering, too!

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