Club Coordinator News for January 2017
Photo credit: Linda Prince

Hello Club Coordinators,
We have some some important information for you and your club, so please read on!
Here at the NASA Night Sky Network, we’ve been working on updates to the website and are thrilled to finally get them out to you all this Wednesday, Feburary 1st. We listened to your requests and are making some changes to better serve you. The biggest news is a new calendar that will be much easier to use. See the details as well as information on further updates below.
1) Calendar updates 
2) Other website updates
3) Annual Pins
4) Eclipse plans and ToolKit
5) Updated 2017 webinar schedule – include in your newsletter to members!
6) Job opportunity with AWB
1) Calendar Updates
Here are the new features that will be available by the evening of Feb 1st. There may be a couple of hours in the early afternoon where you won’t be able to log in to make changes. The public site will still be live and the logged-in side should be completely back up that evening, with all of your events on the new calendar. Here are some of the features we think you'll appreciate:
* Easily export your club’s calendar as a pdf, image, or spreadsheet
* Embed your (non-Flash!) calendar on your own website
* Export events into other calendars
* Calendar and event list are visible on mobile and full-screen 
You can get the full description in the Club Coordinator Manual. Of course, as with all big changes that involve humans, there will likely be some bugs. We know of a couple of small ones that can’t be addressed until we go live. Please send us a note if you encounter any along the way. We are available and have a team ready to fix anything that goes awry.
2) Other Website Updates (log in first to see many of these links)
Some updates are available now:
* View and keep track of the ToolKits your club has earned
* New Widget for finding clubs – share with your local STEM partners
Others will become active after Wednesday’s update. Keep an eye out for an update when we go live:
* Add your club’s Facebook and/or Twitter account to your page (anytime after Wednesday)
* New automatic Message Group – Club Contacts
Per the request of many NSN members, we have created an automatic Message Group for Contacts. Contacts are not club members, but interested members of the public. You can also create smaller groups, like teachers, former members, etc. But his group will have all Contacts included. If you want to change the email settings of individual Contacts, you can do so by clicking on their names in the list of Contacts.

3) Annual Pins
Today, January 31st is the last day to qualify!
If you haven't already, just log 5 events from 2016 where you use NSN resources and your club will automatically be shipped 3 award pins to give to your outreach superstars. If you have more superstar outreach volunteers, you can order more pins too. 
4) Eclipse Plans and ToolKits
Be sure to upload your 2017 events today too! All clubs that list at least 10 events on the 2017 calendar will automatically receive an eclipse ToolKit, filled with goodies to share with your communities. Make sure your shipping address is up to date so it arrives to you. 
You can find many resources, including a PowerPoint to share information with your community and more at the NSN Eclipse Resource Page.

5) Updated webinar schedule – share with your club!
All club members are welcome to join these exciting science webinars. if you haven't joined us since the days of the telecons, you will be impressed at the upgrade. All of your club members are welcome to join. Include the latest schedule of webinars in your club newsletter to get the word out! 
6) And last but not least, we thought one of you out there might be the perfect fit for a new eclipse outreach job being advertised by Astronomers Without Borders. Check it out here.

Thank you again for all that you do for your clubs. We are working tirelessly to support you and love to hear your ideas for making the Night Sky Network more useful all the time. 
Looking up!
~Vivian and David