Spanish Eclipse and Solar Outreach Resources

You can print your own eclipse outreach materials in Spanish using the links below!

Image preview of the Eclipse Projection Postcard

Preview of the Spanish-language pinhole projection postcard. Download the high-quality PDF here. One side of the banner and many of the materials are evergreen and can be used well after the eclipse to engage bilingual audiences. 

Funding for this initiative is made possible by the American Astronomical Society's Julena Steinheider Duncombe Grant and the hard working folks at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. You can print the materials below for non-commercial purposes even if you do not receive the grant. They are generously shared by the NISE Net program under a NASA Cooperative Agreement. 

Resources available in Spanish:
Spanish Eclipse Poster
Spanish Pinhole Projector Postcard
NASA/AAS Safety Sheet in Spanish
Share these Eclipse Videos in Spanish
Classroom Resources in English and Spanish

Other Resources:
Night Sky Network 2017 Solar Eclipse page
Strategies for Engaging Bilingual Audiences Handout
More Key Ingredients for Engaging Latino Families
The Vanishing Sun: Eclipse Tales from Around the World
Astronomy of Many Cultures Resource Guide
AAS Diversity/Inclusion resources

You can watch a recording of our webinar here:

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