Blast Off with the Girl Scouts and NASA!
Astronomers of Humboldt Girl Scout Outreach Event 
The senior Girl Scouts of Troop 202 are shown observing the night sky as part of the " Night Owl" and “Sky" badge requirements.  AOH members Mark Mueller and Ken Yanosko helped the scouts use the telescope to make observation of the moon and Jupiter. - Grace Wheeler/ Photo credit: Donald Wheeler 

Amateur astronomers will be hearing more from Girl Scouts (GS), both girls and adult volunteers, in the coming years as a result of the “Girl Scouts: Reaching for the Stars” NASA grant. Keep an eye out for new badges that will be released in the next couple of years and sign up to hear about upcoming opportunities.

One very special part of this grant is the chance to go to the Goddard Space Flight Center for a weeklong intensive space science workshop. Teams consisting of two senior Girl Scouts, one GS adult volunteer and one amateur astronomer will spend the week participating in hands-on activities, observations with a robotic telescope, presentations by NASA scientists, lab tours, and outdoor observing experiences. The goal of this workshop is to prepare 10 Girl Scout council teams to establish sustainable Astronomy Clubs back home . 

What an amazing opportunity for astronomy collaboration this will be for the lucky teams! This year’s event is taking place from June 18th -23rd 2017.
photo of an astronomer showing girl scouts the sky
Star Party for Girl Scouts (ft Los Angeles Astronomical Society) 
The girl scouts held a Harry Potter themed event, complete with costumes and a star party. We looked at the following:  the moon, Jupiter and its moons, Orion Nebula, Betelgeuse, Beehive Cluster, and the double star sMizar and Alcor. Really fun event with girls in cosplay as certain famous Hogwarts students - complete with wands! - Elizabeth Wong

We want to congratulate this year’s winners, 5 of whom are active Night Sky Network members:

•    Susan Rose from the Amateur Observers' Society of NY 
•    Ken De Silvafrom the Mount Diablo Astronomical Society 
•    Geoff Heberlein, of the Rockford Amateur Astronomers, Inc. in Northern Illinois 
•    Teresa Lappin from the Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association partnered with the Southern Arizona Council
•    Karynda Poage from Northeast Texas.
•    Jessica Mercado from the Greater Los Angeles GS Council 
•    Amy Gonzales from Greater Mississippi 
•    Marie Lott  in the Historic Georgia Council
•    Thurston Seafoss from Maine
•    Nilakshi Veerabathina at University of Texas with the Arlington Texas Oklahoma Plains Council

Congratulations to all the lucky winners and thanks to all of those who have applied!

Want to participate in next year’s space science workshop?  Start looking now for a Girl Scout council you would like to work with! Keep checking the Night Sky Network site as we will be announcing the next round of applications in the spring of 2018. 

Photo of a girl scouts astronomy event
Baton Rouge Astronomical Society - BIG Girl Scout Event
Volunteers with BRAS (left to right: Scott Louque and Chris Raby) set up for a day of fun and very successful outreach at their local GS troop's scouting event. It was an indoors/outdoor event, with astronomers outside facilitating safe solar viewing and demos using the "Exploring the Solar System" materials. - Ben Toman
Last Updated: June 5, 2017
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