Member Updates for August - Eclipse 2017!

Ross Gaunt, who took the above photo, reports: "This was a fun event, we just showed up in front of the local performing arts theater, and we invited people passing by to check out the views in our telescopes, including Saturn, Jupiter, and the moon.This was a successful night, both from the number of people that came and observed, and from several people who became interested in the club." 
      Next month: Look for a mega-feature on how NSN clubs prepared for the eclipse and helped bring the wonder of this event to their communities. Share your notes with the NSN staff at (and of course, please add and log your events in the system!)
  1. NSN Eclipse Travel Notice: Casper, WY for Astrocon 2017!
  2. No Webinar This Month
  3. Online Eclipse Resources
logo for Astrocon 2017
1. NSN Travel Notice: Casper, WY for Astroncon 2017!

 The Night Sky Network staff are travelling to the path of totality and will be back in the office by the end of August. We know many of you are also preoccupied with preparations for the upcoming eclipse, and so we are keeping our newsletter short this month! Vivian and Dave will be at AstroCon 2017 in Casper, Wyoming, and please come say hi if you are attending! We wish everyone across the path of totality clear skies for the big event this August 21.

2. No Webinar This Month!
We'll be back to our regularly scheduled webinar series in September. We will post details on our next speaker and topic when available, and information will be sent out in the next newsletter in early September.   

3. Online Eclipse Resources

photo of people using eclipse glasses
What's Up for August 2017? (Eclipse Safety!)

The total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017, will trace a narrow path across the nation, though most of the U.S. will see a partial eclipse. Here's what to do before, during and after the eclipse, plus how you can become a citizen scientist helping NASA with eclipse observations. Find out more about the eclipse, including eclipse safety, at

Related: The AAS has updated their eclipse safety guide, including updates on eclispe glasses, which you can view here:

artists depiction of the moon blocking the sun, creating an eclipse on Earth with its shadow
Night Sky Network Eclipse Resources page
This page contains a range of curated activities and resources to help astronomy clubs prepare their members and communities for the eclipse of August 21, 2017. 

Logo for the NASA eclipse website
NASA Eclipse Page
NASA has tons of information and resources about the upcoming eclipse, from the basics of what an eclipse is, interactive charts of the path of totality, activities for educators, lists of citizen science projects, and so much more. Take a deep dive into the latest NASA science on eclipses at

That is all for our member news for this August. It promises to be an exciting time for everyone! Questions or comments? You can reach us at

Wishing you clear, dark skies,

Vivian White, Andee Sherwood, & Dave Prosper
Night Sky Network Team

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