Become an Image Detective!
Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti take photographs out of the cupola of the International Space Station during Expedition 42. If you become an Image Detective you may end up analyzing some of these very photos!
 Image Credit: NASA 
You can help analyze images taken by astronauts on board the International Space Station by becoming an Image Detective!   This citizen science effort needs the help of human eyes and brains to help analyze the 1.5 million images taken from the space station for use in better understanding our home planet.

Image Detective is the latest citizen science program from Cosmoquest, who are partnering up with the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science (ARES) Division at  the NASA Johnson Space Center. The Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit within ARES have been collecting and archiving these amazing images of Earth form the space station for many years and have built up many terrabytes of data to sort through. Citizen scientists from around the world, of all levels of experience, are essential to help sort through this ocean of data and help make these photos an invaluable scientific resource by transforming this archive of images into a searchable database of Earth observations. When you volunteer for the Image Detective project you can help label features in the photos such as volcanoes, islands, weather patterns, and more. You will also help pin down the locations of these photos on Earth. 
screenshot of image detective tutorial
Get ready to analyze gorgeous images of Earth! This is  an early section of the tutorial that greets you as you begin your Image Detective training.

Becoming an Image Detective is easy! You will first go through a basic tutorial where you will lean how to label the images and practice lining up and centering the photos on a map of the Earth. Once you have finished with the tutorial you can continue practicing, or create a login and start contributing to NASA science.

By working together with citizen scientists from around the world, we can help better make sense of our own planet. Begin earning your Image Detective badge here:  

Last Updated: October 10, 2017

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