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Stay current with the latest NASA news via their slate of weekly podcasts! Find out behind the scenes information about space missions, the people behind the science, the history of NASA, spaceflight news, observing tips for amateur astronomers, and many more space-related topics.

logo for the NASA Gravity Assist Podcast
Gravity Assist  focuses on one space science topic each week with Jim Green, NASA planetary science director, with help from an expert guest scientist each week. This is a fresh new podcast, and began with the Sun and since spread out to the rest of the solar system and beyond. Jim and his guests discuss not just the topic at hand: the mysteries of Mars, the icy rings of Saturn, the frigid wonders of Pluto - but also the particular push that propelled these researchers into their stellar careers as space scientists. Discussing their "gravity assist" helps showcase what inspired these brilliant minds to choose their particular fields of work.

Logo for Houston We Have A Podcast

Houston, We Have a Podcast  is created at the Johnson Space Flight Center in Houston, Texas. This podcast often focuses on human spaceflight, as the Center is the home of US human spaceflight, but it also quite frequently features interviews with researches involved with projects like the James Webb Space Telescope as well as many other other non-crewed spaceflight missions.

Logo for the NASA Silicon Valley podcast

NASA In Silicon Valley Podcast focuses on much of the technology and computer systems at NASA, as the name implies! Based at the NASA Ames research center in Mountain View, California - right in the heart of Silicon Valley  this podcast features discussions on how NASA  harnesses the latest in robotics and computing in its mission to explore the universe. Find out how robots are used on the space station, how self-driving rovers could speed up the pace of exploration on Mars, how astronomers and computer scientists are making sense of big data in astronomy, the future of AI and space exploration, and much more.

Another great podcast is This Week @NASA, which is, as its name suggests, a weekly wrap-up of NASA news. And while not a podcast in the strictest sense, the monthly What's Up video series from JPL and Jane Houston Jones is  favorite of stargazers eager to find out what celestial sights to look for each month. It's also a regular feature of our own "Night Sky Planner" page!

There are even more more podcasts and video series from NASA, and you find them on NASA's podcast homepage at

Last Updated: March 4, 2018
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