Celebrate Global Astronomy Month for 2018
The busy halls of the Buffalo Museum of Science during Astronomy Day 2017.
Image Credit: Mike Anzalone / Buffalo Astronomical Association

Global Astronomy Month is organized each April by Astronomers Without Borders and is the world’s largest annual celebration of astronomy. GAM returns for 2018 (#GAM2018) with more  exciting programs for astronomy enthusiasts worldwide. Featuring events dedicated to stargazing, sharing astronomy with the public, internet streaming of telescope views, and even art inspired by the wonders of the universe, GAM serves to showcase the wonders of the universe to everyone.

.This year's theme centers around the Moon: a familiar sight to people all around the world. In many ways the Moon is the ideal astronomical object for GAM, since our satellite is so bright and easily recognized; it can be seen in daytime as well as night, is so large in our sky that it can be readily observed without a telescope, and is visible to observers around the globe regardless of their hemisphere or the amount of light pollution in their sky! The Moon has fascinated cultures around the world for thousands of years, and continues to fascinate and delight people of all stripes in the present. With that in mind #GAM0018 featured many programs focused on observing the Moon and exploring its impact on our world.

You can find events held around the globe on their world map of events, or search by country on their event listings page. Of course you can also find astronomy events in the United States by using the Night Sky Network's astronomy events page. If you are in a club and you have entered your event on the Night Sky Network, you can also submit your public event to the events page on the AWB website for even more publicity!
photo of people gathered around telescopes during the day
A successful Astronomy Day event held by the Back Bay Amateur Astronomers at the Virgina Beach Central Library.
Image Credit: Leigh Ann Lagoe / Back Bay Amateur Astronomers

What follows is just few of the featured programs running in conjunction with the many events featured for Global Astronomy Month 2018:
Last Updated: April 2, 2018
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