Collected Handy NSN Handouts
Looking for some quick and simple outreach materials? Want to give your visitors something to remember your event, engage their interest, or spark their interest in more astronomy? These handouts from the Night Sky Network may be just the thing you need! We've collected some of our most popular handouts below for your use. Print them out and distribute them at your next club meeting, outreach event, or star party.

These are all free to download, print, and even edit if you wish - you can even include your club's logo! - but we do ask one thing: if you do use these at your event, just remember to mark that you used NSN materials in your club's event log after its over. 

Now, on to our most popular handouts below:

thumbnail image of the Flag on the Moon handout
Can You See The Flag On The Moon?
This handout (and the related activities about magnification vs resolution) are great ways to explain what exactly can be seen on the Moon from binoculars and telescopes in just one page. 

thumbnail preview of the treasure hunt handout
Celestial Treasure Hunt
Give this Celestial Treasure Hunt handout to your star party visitors before they tour the telescopes so they can hunt for different types of astronomical objects during the evening.

thumnbnail preview of meteor shower handout
Head's Up! It's a Meteor Shower
Meteor showers are great fun, especially when viewed with groups. This handout lists essential information about meteors and when and how to spot them, and is appropriate for all audiences

thumbnail preview of the ilves of stars handout
Lives of Stars: Handout and Banner
Discover the life cycle of stars and when supernovae happen with this activity and handout.

thumbnail preview of the moon map
Skywatcher's Guide to the Moon:
Follow the moon in the sky after the eclipse! Use this moon map to identify some of its most famous features, find out where the astronauts landed, and what fills its "seas."

Thumbnail of the Trip Around the Summer Triangle handout
Star Map: Trip Around the Triangle
This activity and handout is a great way to organize a star party, and gives your visitors context to what they will be viewing as they tour the telescopes and observe a variety of naked-eye and telescopic treats that occupy the Summer Triangle.

thumbnail preview of the telescopes as time machine handout

Telescopes as Time Machines Passport
This "Passport Through Time" handout shows the difference between each of three different distance categories: within our Solar System, within the Milky Way, and within the rest of the universe.

thumbnail of the worlds of the solar system handout, with scale images of the planets
Worlds of the Solar System: Scale Model 

This is a companion handout to our scale model activity. Your audiences can see for themselves how the various sizes of the planets compare to one another. They can even cut the planets out from this handout  to make their own solar system model!

Star Maps: Where are the Planets? Astronomy Activity and Star Chart
Star Maps; Where Are the Planets? 
Want to know what's up in our Solar System? Use a star map and mark the current locations of the planets and Moon along the ecliptic for your own reference! Your visitors can mark the location of the planets they view with you tonight on these handy maps.

We will add more handouts to this list as they are created. Clear skies!

Last Updated: July 21, 2020
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