One Thousand and Climbing!

One of 70 Girl Scouts from the Wichita Falls region peers through a scope at event hosted by the Starlight Observers League in Texas. This was one of the last events that took place prior to the Network rolling over the 1000 event mark.

The day after the Huygens probe landed on Titan, the 1000th outreach event was logged on the Night Sky Network. The Susquehanna Valley Amateur Astronomers of Mifflinburg, PA gave a presentation to 100 sixth grade students at Mifflinburg Middle School on January 4th and logged the event the following week.

"25 years ago, I would never haved believed in my wildest dreams, that I would be handing out a paper that showed the location of stars with known extra solar planets," said SVAA club member Joseph Robert Southerton. "I told my students that in my 25 years of teaching, this is the weirdest and most amazing paper I have ever handed out. It got their attention!"

The same day the 1000th event was logged four other clubs logged events on the Night Sky Network. The logged two events hosting 22 people at a public star party held at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, and 347 people at the Girl Scout Kalidescope event in Arcadia California.

The City Lights Astronomical Society for Students in Dallas Texas held its Jubilee Star Party with five volunteers sharing the night sky with 65 public participants. The final event logged that evening was Coupeville School Star Party where the Island County Astronomical Society of Coupeville, WA shared outreach and eyepieces with 40 attendees at Couperville Middle School..

According to volunteer Richard D. Owens, it was an "excellent night for star gazing." The group enjoyed observing comet Machholz, the Moon, the Great Orion Nebula, an open star cluster in Gemini and the Andromeda Galaxy. "The science teachers have asked us to give some of the Night sky presentations this spring," said Owens.

Thanks Network volunteers for making the Night Sky Network such a stunning success!

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