What is the difference between scheduling an event, reporting (or logging) an event, and logging volunteer hours?

Scheduling an Event: Posting an event means you have scheduled an event on the NSN calendar. Ideally these events are posted in advance of the actual event dates! By scheduling an event in advance you can take advantage of the tools from the NSN website to aid in member coordination and messaging, as well as simply publicizing the event to the public.

Reporting (logging) an Event:  An event report (formerly known as an event log) sums up how the event went and what happened - or even if it happened at all! It’s the broad summary. An event report is added to an event that has been previously posted to the calendar or as a way to record any event that has already happened. These event reports are very valuable and are an essential part of maintaining membership in the Night Sky Network. Event reports allow us to show NASA how we're using the materials they sponsor. Be sure to indicate which resources you use to get credit towards additional ToolKits and prizes. 

Logging Volunteer Hours: Club members can log their volunteer hours, which allows individuals keep track of their own time and specifically what they did – and lets the coordinators know what they did as well. These reports are separate from the event log, and focus just on the individual's work. Logs can be added to an event, or even standalone, if the club for member finds it useful to keep track of work done outside of normal events, such as club newsletter editing or equipment maintenance. Use of the volunteer logging feature is entirely optional, but many clubs find it handy.

Last update: May 31, 2019