Toolkit Hack: Frames for Tactile Moon Sheets
Photos by Don Knabb
One of the most popular items in the Apollo 11 Moon Toolkit are the 3-D touchable Moon sheets! One drawback of these plastic textured sheets is that they are a bit delicate, especially around their edges. However, Don Knabb has created a beautiful case to help in both transporting and displaying these sheets at outreach events!

Don says, “I had hoped to put some finish on the wood but ran out of time for tonight, so that will be another day. At our event on Saturday evening many kids enjoyed touching the Moon!” 

a handsome wooden case, standing up and closed on a wooden desk.
Case closed, ready for transport!

Wooden case open revelaing two wooden frames displaying two touchable Moon plastiform sheets
Case open, flat and ready for outreach!

Assembly Tips

Don doesn't have exact instructions for assembling this case, but he does offer some tips on how you can make one yourself.

He started with: "...A piece of plywood sized so the Moon sheets fit with a little bit of room to spare, and pieces to make a frame around the plywood.

I put some soft material on top of the plywood that I had in the shop that I used for the base material for a model train set many years ago. It is soft, like bulletin board kind of stuff. That allowed me to staple the sheets into the material. One could also just glue them onto the plywood, which actually would have been simpler.

Then I got a hinge from the hardware store and a magnetic catch to hold them shut. I didn’t want a hook and eye arrangement that would be harder to work in the dark at star parties."

Thank you so much for sharing, Don! If you have any fun NSN Toolkits or related outreach hacks you'd like to share, you can send them to us at

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Last Updated: June 11, 2020
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