Add Virtual Events to Your Club Calendar!
Martin Ratcliffe demonstrates live imaging during the Nationwide Livestream Star Party on May 22, 2020, one example of the  many virtual events held by astronomy clubs and organizations in recent months.  

Does your club now host events online due to lockdown restrictions or other issues? The Night Sky Network now has a special category for them in the calendar system: Virtual Events!

Virtual events are great for club members who can't make it to in-person club events for a variety of reasons. Adding these online events to your club's NSN calendar can help boost your club's exposure. In addition to engaging members of the public from near and far, online events can potentially help re-engage club members who find it difficult to attend in-person meetings. 

How do you add these events? It's as easy as adding any regular NSN event - perhaps even easier!

1. Log in to the Night Sky Network website.

2. Start adding your event as usual (Events->Schedule/Report Event or go to:

3. Make sure you include links and any additional information folks need to access the event!

4. When you get down to "Event Type" select Virtual Event.

5. Do not select a location if you want this to be a virtual event! Instead, check the box for "No physical location set." See screenshot below:

6. Make sure you select the preferred privacy level for this event:
  •    Public events can be seen by anyone, on both the national calendar and your own club's dedicated calendar listing. 
  •   Club events can be seen only on your club's calendar - not the nationwide calendar.
  •   Private events can only be seen on the club calendar by club members who are logged in to the NSN website with their own accounts.
7. Click "Submit All Changes" to finish adding your event.

Want to see all of the virtual events available to the public? You can click on the "Show Virtual Events"  link found in the "Clubs and Events' page search tool, or go directly here:

screenshot showing the location of the virtual events link for the event calendar

Last Updated: June 24, 2020

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