2020 Outreach Award Pin & Certificate Information

New NSN outreach award pins and certificates are here for your club's hardworking outreach volunteers! Make sure that your club is eligible for pin orders and get ready to award your members for their service. Find details below on:
  • Club eligibility requirements to receive three (3) free outreach award pins
  • How to order additional astronomy outreach award pins for your club's volunteers
  • Download, customize, and print the associated award certificate 
  • New dates for the pin program going forward, including earlier order availability for the next round in 2021!

This Year's Theme: Comets!

Comets and space rocks were a recurring theme in the big space stories for 2020: the thrill stargazers around the world felt during the visit by naked eye Comet NEOWISE; the samples obtained of asteroid Bennu by NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission; and the impending return of samples of asteroid Ryugu collected by Japan's HYABUSA-2 mission. Comets in particular have inspired stargazers for thousands of years, and we hope our pin design inspires you as you share the wonders of the skies with future genertions. Perhaps a person you inspire may lead a future mission to redirect an errant comet away from Earth, or investigate a cometary nucleus in person!

Our pins this year also feature a reset in our date series! Over the years, many club cooridnators and members have asked why the pins awarded for service in one year featured the date for the next year, and after running a poll we found that a large majority of members prefered the date changed to reflect the year in which their outreach took place! We also took another recommendation from several members, and have aded "b" to the end of this years date, to reference both the date reset and that this is the second series of pins to feature the year 2020.

Eligibility for Award Pins
This year, due to COVID-19, we are updating our requirements to reflect some of the more challenging outreach conditions. Member clubs whose members performed and reported on just (2) or more outreach events in 2020 using the NSN event management system are qualified to receive pins. These events can be in-person or online. 

We do hope that you also report the use of any related NSN toolkit materials or related NASA resources in the event log as well, but that additional requirement is not necessary for pin eligibility this year. We have tips on how to submit event reports using the NSN's online event log system here. We also have tips on how to add events, so that you can then submit reports, here

3 Free Pins

Every club that qualifies will automatically receive three (3) free pins. These free pins will be shipped to your club's preferred shipping address after the order period has concluded (as listed in your Club's NSN settings under Edit Club-Shipping Address), unless otherwise requested in the order form.

Additional pins can be ordered for $2.00 each after completing our initial order form. Shipping is free! PayPal, credit cards, and checks are all accepted. Qualified clubs can order award pins for your club's outreach via the following form: https://bit.ly/pinorder2020

Shipping Dates and Deadlines 

Pins will begin shipping to qualified clubs in the second week of January. Please let us know if you have a need for urgent shipping of pins. We will ship urgent orders as soon as we receive the pins in our office (estimated to be some time during the last week of December), but as the NSN staff will be out during that time for holiday break, early notice for urgent orders is much appreciated.

Pins must be ordered by March 31, 2021, and all pins will be shipped by early April 2021. Quantities are limited; pins are not guaranteed for orders past this date, though you can certainly request additonal if needed! 

Certificate Downloads

image of new NSN Astronomy Outreach Award Certificate

We have customizable award certificates that you can print to accompany these pins available for download. We recommend saving your choice of certificate to your computer and  using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file, to prevent possible issues customizing them for your members. There are three varieties of certificate: color, black and white, and borderless for use with custom certificate paper.

Future Pin Dates

As pins now feature the date for the current year's outreach, we are moving up next year's order dates to ensure that yur fall and winter award ceremonies will have pins available for the next round. We expect the 2021 pins to be available for order sometime by late summer of 2021. Please check in by mid-summer if  we have not announced exact dates by then.  

If you have any questions, please let us know at nightskyinfo@astrosociety.org. Thank you again!

Last Updated: November 20, 2020

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