Nominate Your Favorite Astronomer for an Award from the ASP!
It's time to nominate your favorite astronomer for an award from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific! You don't need to be a member of the ASP or NSN to nominate someone; the awards are open to all!  Do you have a favorite astronomer involved in research, public outreach, or who is otherwise active in the amateur or professional astronomy or teaching communities? Nominate them for an award!

Check out the ASP Awards webpage for details regardiing the nomination process and previous award winners. There are awards in multiple categories to recognize deserving individuals: amateur astronomers, outreach superstars, science educators, science communicators, teachers, professional astronomers, PhD candidates, and individuals committed to diversity in the astronomical community -  and more  - all can honored for their hard work!

Nominate your favorite astronomer for an award and help get them the recognition they deserve! Do it fast: nominations are due by March 1!

Astronomical Society of the Pacific Astronomy Awards: Official Site:

Last Updated: February 1, 2021

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