August 9 UPDATE : NSN Website & Messaging System is Back Online!
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9:30 PM Eastern

Update 4: NSN Messaging System is BACK ONLINE

The Night Sky Network's messaging system has been restored, and is now fully operational.  The website has also moved to an updated server as part of this fix, as of the evening of August 9, 2021. We have more details below.

As you may have noticed, there have been some issues with the Night Sky Network website for the past few days - some of this was due to errors after a security update was applied, and a few other errors were caused as a result of attempted fixes. The site has moved to a new server as of the afternoon of August 9, 2021. All user data was safe and secure during this time, and remains so. However, we were unable to save or resend messages sent between July 25-August 9, 2:00 PM Pacific Time/5:00 PM Eastern Time - we apologies for being unable to do so.
NSN Coordinators: You may wish to log in and review any potential notifications about new membership or event requests, found in the right-hand corner upon logging in. under "Open Items." If you'd like, while you're there you can add some upcoming events, or event reports to past events!

That said, there may some odd behavior or bugs as you use the site over the next few days. We ask that if you encounter a potential bug, to first clear your internet browser's cache using one of the methods detailed here ( ), close and reopen your browser, and then try again. If the error persists, please take a screenshot or copy any error messages you see and send them to us at
We thank you all for your patience during this time. There will be more work in the near future to apply more rigorous fixes, and we expect those to be much less dramatic - and members will be notified in advance, just in case!

3:00 pm Eastern
The Night Sky Network website and database are moving to a new server as of today, August 9, 2021, at 1:00 PM Pacific Time. Please bear with us as we hunt down any bugs from the move . You may notice occasional outages  throughout the afternoon.  The system should be much more stable by tomorrow, August 10.


For those of you who use the Night Sky Network and its related services, including events, rosters, messaging, password reset requests, and so on: the website messaging system is currently down, and has been since some time starting Sunday, July 25. We anticipate full service to be restored some time next week (August 9-13). Your club's data is still safe and secure! We have details below.

Technicians have now narrowed down the cause of the outage, but the fix is proving to be difficult, and so the decision has been made to upgrade the backend of the Night Sky Network website. This upgrade was in the works for a while but is now being prioritized as a robust solution for this issue, as well as some other less-urgent but nonetheless important fixes, along with more security improvements, As of yesterday it appeared that a fix was imminent but it did not hold up to testing. Now this course of action has been decided, and our technicians estimate that the site will be fully migrated and updated by sometime next week, and of course our hope is that the migration happens as quickly as possible.

The outage began when a series of security software updates were applied across multiple systems. Our test environment checked out with no problems, and upon rolling out the update to production systems - including the NSN - no errors were immediately obvious, but shortly afterwards the email system began to fail, sporadically at first but then completely ceased to deliver mail. This, combined with the fact that the test system is fine and production is continuing to experience issues, has made troubleshooting and fixing this error surprisingly difficult, and hence the decision was made to migrate the NSN database and software. That basically means the NSN website will be moving to a new, more robust server that promises to be easier to maintain.  

 As the systems will be moving, and a great deal of work will be done, the Night Sky Network website will be a bit unreliable for the next few days as settings are adjusted and tested and data moved and services and servers restarted as needed. You may find the experience quite glitchy, so if you don't need to use the site - don't, for this weekend. 

Unsent mail has been building up in the mail queue, and will be deleted. While at first we hoped to send the unsent messages out, as the days have worn on that option has faded. We will have to purge the mail queue, and so all message sent between July 25 to the time the service is restored will be lost. We are very sorry for this. 
We will be also posting updates to this front page article when possible. We will have more updates as we have more solid information. We will be sending an update once services are completely restored both via this page and the Night Sky Network messaging system, as well as social media. 
Last Updated: August 5, 2021

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