Planets & More Observing Stickers!

Planets & More Observing Stickers!

  • Nighttime Event
  • Outside Venue
  • Target Audience
  • Child, Teen, Adult
Hosting a planetary observing event? You can give your visitors these lovely stickers! Jerelyn Ramirez of the Kansas Astronomical Observers  created these printable stickers templates of the planets of the solar system. You can print them out using Avery #5163 Label sheets, which will make 10 stickers at a time.  Enjoy!

Pair these stickers with the Exploring Our Solar System banner and handout, along with the Where Are the Planets? sky map handout, for a night of unforgettable planetary observing with your guests!

image of Mercury with the text - I Saw Mercury!
I Saw Mercury!

Image of Venus with the text - I Saw Venus!

I Saw Venus!

image of Mars with the text - I Saw Mars!
I Saw Mars!

image of the planet Jupiter with the text - I Saw Jupiter!
I Saw Jupiter!

Saturn on a sticker with the text - I Saw Saturn!
I Saw Saturn!

Image of Uranus with the text - I saw Uranus!
I Saw Uranus!

Iamge of Neptune with the text - I Saw Neptune!
I Saw Neptune!

Image of Pluto with the test - I Saw Pluto!
I Saw Pluto! *

*(Visitors will ask about its planet-or-dwarf-planet status either way, its certainly notable if you've caught this world in your scope!)


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